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French Diesel Brochure on eBay

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This French brochure highlights a diesel jeep for a CJ-3A.


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5 Comments on “French Diesel Brochure on eBay

  1. Pascal

    Too expensive for me but very interesting. I though only Perkins Diesel engine was used. Still learning!

  2. Barry West

    That is the 4 cylinder Perkins. I have the exact one in my Fordson tractor. Very dependable and easy to work on, rarely tho.

  3. Pascal

    The Indenor industries was related with Peugeot and not at all with Perkins. My french is very good and I have a Jeep perkins engine in my 1965 CJ… but I may be wrong. I just discovered it yesterday and I’m learning it. The french people did a lot of things with the jeep, we just need to think about the hotchkiss. The European was also in advance on diesel. I also believe that the A4.192 was used in the massey MF65 MK1 tractor. I was not aware about the fordson.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Barry meant to reply with this note (he accident sent it to me)

    Yes these engines were used in the early Massey Ferguson tractors too. I order my parts from Ford or older Massey parts dealers. The Perkins 3 cylinder is almost identical with the exception of being chopped off and shorter. The hydraulic fuel pump sits where the primer button is on the 4 cylinder’s fuel injector body and is driven off the injector’s cam and lubed by the diesel fuel in the injector’s bowl. The primer is on the bottom of the fuel pump (thumb power) as the 3 cylinders where in most Fordson Dextras as in my 51 model. The 4 cylinder is in my Fordson Super Dextra. I like these tractors because parts interchanges with many other brands. But here’s the kicker. Both of my engines were made in India for Perkins. Hope this helps. Maybe France was allowed to produce them too or ordered them stamped the way they wanted them. I hope this helps. Plus Fordsons came with the high and low range unlike Fords during that time frame. I don’t know about the Massey Fergusons.

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