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Warn Brochure

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I thought this Warn brochure was interesting. It’s in excellent shape. It bought it as part of a lot of brochures. It’s approx 3″x3″.


warn-hub-brochure1 warn-hub-brochure3


4 Comments on “Warn Brochure

  1. Lew

    I wonder if that was an insert in the new car literature. I always wondered why hubs on all 4x4s since then didnt have that “automatic” capability. It sure is a good idea and very practical.

  2. Barry West

    My eyes confuses my Gray Matter. And I don’t have much of that stuff left. Mostly Black Matter there now. Anyway, the last pictorial representation of number five indicates true left handed screwing threads. No problems, I can see it working when number three, the clutch is engaged. However, the first and second pictorial is problematically straining my Gray Matter links. Do I see a reversal of the engraved LOCK -> and FREE -> visual indication? Maybe, and I say maybe I might be seeing things slightly different. But I closed one eye at a time to verify that the visual impact was what it was. I think. Dave I believe you may have a rare piece here and I don’t know if it comes close to the upside down bi-plane stamp. But none the less it could be! Maybe, just maybe.

  3. Bob in Colorado

    I have this Model of Warn Hubs on a 1970 CJ-5 and a 1978 CJ-7. I also had them on two Command Track Jeep pickups and a CJ5 I no longer own. I left them in “Free”during most of my exploring Colorado Mountain trails and running the sand hills in Oklahoma. I just shifted into four wheel drive and the hubs locked when driving forward. In two wheel drive the hubs would free wheel. I only locked the hubs when I was in four wheel drive and needed compression braking. My best friend was a Jeep Dealer and most of the hubs he sold were the automatics. Warn also sold a repair kit. I only had to repair one set. That wasn’t the fault of the hub, it was too much driving in floor pan deep water and fording too many creeks.

    I may have some prints material on these in Kansas. I will check next trip back there.

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