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Modified Hardtop on Tim’s M-170

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Tim’s been working on this M-170, bringing it back to stock. One feature he really likes is the Metro Engineering and Manufacturing Top, which was extended to fit his M-170. Tim’s searching for some M-170 seats (probably the same as M-38A1 seats?? Can someone clarify this??).

“I’ve converted the engine back to 24 volts. The unique thing with this M170 is the top. It’s an M38a1 (I think) top that was cut and stretched 20 inches next to the door. Who ever did this did a great job. I like this better than canvas tops. If some one needs measurements contact me. One photo has the tag info on the top.”

m170-tim-0 m170-tim-1 m170-tim-2 m170-tim-3

m170-tim-4 m170-tim-5


2 Comments on “Modified Hardtop on Tim’s M-170

  1. Bill

    m170 seats are a lot different than m38a1 seats. They are very hard to find and expensive when you do.

  2. Gar Thornton

    The drivers seat on an m-170 is slightly narrower than an m-38a1 and
    Has a litter “eye” added to the right top side of it to allow a stretcher handle to go through it, to provide support to the littler when carrying a patient behind the driver. Additionally the passenger seat is very different. The top folds up and forward to provided a head “crash” pad for the litter patient placed on the lower right floor and the bottom of the seat is removed and positioned on the top of the inside windshield bracket to allow a “crash” cushion for the patient littered suspended in the rails hanging above, on the right.

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