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What the Bell Crank?

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I made an puzzling discovery about bell cranks the other day. I ordered a rebuild kit for Rusty’s bell crank. When I began assembling it, I discovered the original and new bolts were different. So, I had to use my old bolt (which fortunately was in good shape). Going back online, all the bell crank rebuild kits show the left hand bolt below (anyone need a new bolt .. I don’t). Do any other jeeps use the shorter bolt in their bell cranks?

Both of the DJ-3As have the same setup. The bolts they use lack an indent (used to secure the bolt to the bell crank mount). They are slightly shorter and 1/16th larger in diameter than the replacement crank. The DJ bolt lacks the hole at the end.
2017-05-22-bell-crank-bolts2 2017-05-22-bell-crank-bolts1

Here it is reassembled. The horizontal bolt clamps the unit together, but does not anchor the bolt.




One comment on “What the Bell Crank?

  1. Steve Beilstein

    I haven’t pulled my bolt on my 1954 CJ-3B for fear of losing the needle bearings, but I would be interested in finding out how much play the bell crank has when the bolt is fully tightened. I have my bolt fully tightened and there is still some play between the bell crank and the bolted clamp. This allows the tie-rod end of the bell crank to move ever so slightly up and down or diagonally when I turn the steering wheel. I think I should be able to eliminate that movement maybe with a washer, and tighten up the steering slightly.

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