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Patterson’s Vacuum Reservoir System

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In case anyone’s curious, this is how Patterson’s vacuum reservoir is setup. Based on what I’ve read, a reservoir was important if running dual wipers. The vacuum begins at the manifold, then winds down under the body.


It winds up underneath to a reservoir tucked in between the frame and the spring for the parking brake.


This is a close up look at the TRICO valve on the reservoir.


This is a not so perfect illustration of how it mounts. Because of the support channels on the floor of the body, the reservoir had to be shimmed down about an inch. The solution was a set of three nuts between the body and the reservoir.


Here’s a look at the reservoir being removed from it’s spot.


I was surprised to see that when all cleaned up, the reservoir is rubberized all over.


I looked at reinstalling this in the engine compartment or under the hood. but I think it’s best remaining under the jeep. So, back there it will go.


Adding Vol-ta-drop image so it is searchable …





3 Comments on “Patterson’s Vacuum Reservoir System

  1. SteveK

    Thanks Dave. First I’ve ever seen or heard of. I wonder if it was part of the Allstate kit vs a Willys option? Perfect place with a 2WD since it is above E-brake cable indicating within frame area above lowest clearance points. I put my smaller reservoir for my one wiper under the dash. I can see where ‘dual vacuum wipers’ would really benefit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Charles Tate

    According to information from the DJ section of the 3B forum dual vacuum and fuel pump was also a option for running two wipers. Specifically a AC 9562 dual pump. Not often seen on DJ’s but if installing one it also has to have a fuel pump spacer. Thats what I did on mine, even though my DJ is not finished yet.

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