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DJ-5/DJ-6 Documents

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I found these docs on eBay. They are basic pricing sheets for the DJ-5 and DJ-6 (non mail-jeep looking versions). Though I don’t see specifics, I think these used the T-96 tranny.

dj5-dj6-doc1 dj5-dj6-doc2



6 Comments on “DJ-5/DJ-6 Documents

  1. Barry West

    Dave there’s you an old part # for a foot operated windshield washer! Maybe you can track one down using it. Now just curious, when did these models first come out? How many produced per year and how many years? Have ever seen both models?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Pascal: I *think* what I have is slightly different. I looked through your docs and the info is similar, but the format is different? Maybe I’m wrong.

    Barry: jeez … I missed that! I was even looking for it. I’m getting old AND blind!

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Some interesting windshield sprayer links.
    1) Same part number was also on Kaiser cars and used the same part number.
    2) Some M-38A1s & CJ-3Bs (or perhaps M606s) used a dash mounted thumb activated pump: & (mentioned in two places on this page) &
    3) I believe the Allstate version was not Willys approved dealer installed option, though the system I have may have been installed by a dealer (just don’t know).

    It looks like other makers had some thumb operated dash-mounted sprayers as well. I am investigating … – Dave

  4. Dave from Mn

    Power brake option ,cool ,anyone ever seen one? I have a scout 80 that looks like it has the same manual pump. Also have a 70 Ford F500 that has manual pump on floor but not the same look. Maybe factory option.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Ford had both the manual and electric pumps. They are available on eBay. Interesting that the Scout has one like mine.

    I think it is possible that the Hydro vac was the deal option. There’s a not about it on the CJ-3B page: Whether the one installed on Patterson (which is a model F apparently) was the dealer option or not mentioned on the docs isn’t clear to me.

    – Dave

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