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1944 MB Auburn, CA $6500


What’s with the wall next to the transfercase shifters? I’ve never seen that.

“Jeep is prerty stock. Very straight and clean. Has a great running buick v6 in it. And t90 trans. All other stock running gear.
And It does have a later 3a m38 windshield too.
Original frame tag
Od green.
The Clutch was sticking but it was the linkage. Its all workimg good now. Jusf needs to be driven now.
I dont have the original engine but i know where there is ine thats spins freely. Not sure if its a runner tho. If this one is purchased ill give u the guys #.
All regd and titled in my name. ”

1944-mb-auburn-ca6 1944-mb-auburn-ca7 1944-mb-auburn-ca8 1944-mb-auburn-ca9


5 Comments on “1944 MB Auburn, CA $6500

  1. Barry West

    Dave it looks like someone used a later CJ5 floor and tried to remold the sheet metal. Maybe they thought they would have to do this for the tranny/adapter/bell housing for the conversion to work. Who knows, maybe someone without the required expertise. I do think it has some kind of lift to it but from what I can see on the spring hangers the amount of lift doesn’t jive with them. Maybe none stock leaf springs or professionally built ones with a higher semi ecliptic curvature? Or maybe spacers under the body?

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I’d rather work on a jeep noone has touched than one that was worked on “creatively”.

  3. Barry West

    I createfully agree. Because one has to recreate back to originality! And can be a pain….

  4. Richard

    No the po added rancho springs and the v6. I dont know why they added the round thing next to the shifter but that will be easy to cut it out. Ill get to it if it doesnt sell. I have the original springs for it. And hangers.

  5. Barry West

    Is there something wrong with the top of the transmission shifter housing where the shifter is mounted?

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