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1950 Jeepster Deephaven, MN $13,750

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Looks in great shape. The engine uses a modern filter.

“Nicely restored 1950 Willys Jeepster. 6 cxl. engine. Recently gone over by local mechanic and given a clean bill of health.

This car was restored in 1998. I have many picture of the restoration, Engine removed and rebuilt. Body professionally repainted. 12v. system. New carburetor. The restoration even included a CD player an AC. (The AC is under dash, did not mess up the dash, and can be easily removed)

This car sold a few years ago for $20K. (I have documentation). I purchased it for less last year. I have had fun with the car, but some priorities have changed, so now want to find it a new home.

This Jeepster runs very well and feels good at higher speed . Tires are in good shape Paint in excellent shape. Color is a deep gray and appears to have been done quite professionally. Body is in excellent condition. Top and side curtains just OK. ”

1950-jeepster-deephaven-mn1 1950-jeepster-deephaven-mn2 1950-jeepster-deephaven-mn3 1950-jeepster-deephaven-mn4


2 Comments on “1950 Jeepster Deephaven, MN $13,750

  1. rdjeep

    Maybe asking a thorny question here, but….

    Was there a standard Willys engine color?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It’s a good question and, based on a few searches, a complicated one. Some variables in include
    1. Jeep Model
    2. Military vs. CJ
    3. Original or rebuilt engine
    4. Engine block type
    5. Engine for high altitude (at least some were painted red based on what I’ve found so far)
    6. Color schemes?
    It would be a good topic to address across models.

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