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1950 Truck Dayton, OH $35,000

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Looks like a clean build, but I need more pics to be convinced it’s the “best looking truck on the planet”.

“The best looking truck on the Planet~~~. I have had this comment several times for various people. I’m not sure about it but if not, its damn close!  Multi-year project to bring this awesome machine to the fantastic condition and performance level that it is today. This muscle truck has a high end Chevy 350 with a 700 R automatic transmission as well as Power steering, power brakes, custom oak interior, mounted on a 4 link, etc, etc, etc…. It drives so smooth at highway speeds you think you’re driving a new truck,….and essentially you are! Everything done right!




2 Comments on “1950 Truck Dayton, OH $35,000

  1. chris nj

    before it can become best on planet front axle need to be narrow 95% of builds have this issue most are great builds too

  2. chris nj

    to be best on planet front axle needs to be narrowed so many builds have this issue No by turning front wheels will change that lol

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