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1947 CJ-2A Dalton, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8250.

(05/22/2017) Look solid.

“have: replaced the wheels with correct reproduction units; all new Coker reproduction tires and tubes; replaced all the gauges–fuel, speedo, voltage, oil pressure, temp (mileage is unknown, I have put about 500 miles on the odometer since replacement of original speedometer); all body work done correctly and new paint (sand/olive color, purchased from Quarter Ton and Military in Chickamauga, Georgia); new exhaust/muffler; new transmission main bearings; new solex carburetor; new clutch and throw-out bearing; new fuel sender in gas tank; new bikini top; new electric windshield wiper (driver’s side); new side and rearview mirrors; all new coachmen loops; all new brakes shoes and slave cylinders; rebuilt original horn ($600 dollars if you can find one!); new hood latches and hinge; rebuilt steering box and new steering links/tie rods and ends; new dash placards; new shifter boots; hemp tow rope (on front bumper); new choke cable; etc (sure I’m forgetting some things)!
Everything works as it should (lights, blinker,etc). A blast to drive, lots of comments–especially from envious Wrangler drivers!”

1947-cj2a-dalton-ga2 1947-cj2a-dalton-ga3 1947-cj2a-dalton-ga4


2 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Dalton, GA **SOLD**

  1. Gliii

    Never understood the rope around the bumper thing. Doesn’t do the rope, or the metal underneath the rope any good. Rope picks up dirt & grit, which can weaken the fibers & rope holds moisture which can cause the metal to rust. It’s also a pita to take off to use & the same pain to put back on.

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