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1953 M-38 Clinton, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This has a CJ chassis and has a few other non-M-38 elements.





“This thing rolled of the line in 1952. Built for greatness? Absolutely. It runs like a complete champ. This 3-speed manual shifts incredibly. You’re probably thinking “Oh no it’s a stick, but I don’t know how to drive a stick…” If that’s the case, it’s time for you to sack the heck up… Put on your learning pants and let me teach you one of the most essential life lessons you can have as an American citizen.

Don’t worry the tricky stuff has already been done on this bad to the bone 1952 Willy’s M38 Military Jeep. The tranny has been rebuilt with all new gears. As usual, I’m writing slowly because I know you can’t read fast… Motor was completed prior to me purchasing. While, I’m unsure of how many miles are this thing, I’m sure it’s got some memories. Some of the gauges are working, some are not. Which is pretty common for an almost 70 year old vehicle! I have installed a new alternator, 12 volt battery, and have changed all the bulbs. I do have the old 6 volt generator which will go with it.

Altogether, this is a super fun and mechanically sound jeep to buzz around town with. Plus, it even looks tough as heck with just the right amount of patriotism.

If you would like to take this thing for a test drive, have any questions that I didn’t answer above, or would like to ask me a question in which I clearly already answered in the above blurb you can call or text Allie at show contact info

Asking $7,900. Cash only. I’m also offering a discount to those who have generously served our country.

Local pick-up only located in Clinton, IL. NO trades; seriously like don’t even ask me! I have no desire to acquire your non-running golf cart with dubs or your ’99 Jeep Cherokee. Come on stupid, don’t play dumb with me!”


6 Comments on “1953 M-38 Clinton, IL **SOLD**

  1. Alaska Paul

    This Jeep isn’t an M38 and it isn’t a Cj. The body tub and windshield are from an M38 but the frame and grille are from a Cj. The electrical system should be 24 volts for the M38 while this Jeep is 12 volts but it does come with a 6 volt generator along with an alternator. Seems like too much money for a Jeep salad such as this.

  2. Alaska Paul

    The M38 grille differs from the Cj grille by having four bolt holes (two on each side) in the lower corners just inboard of the frame rails where hinge brackets are attached. The M38 headlight bezels are flat on the front side with a 90 degree turn towards the grille, while the Cj bezels taper towards the grille and the M38 grille has two small holes drilled near each headlight where the headlight brush guards bolt to the grille. At times footman loops will be bolted to the front of the M38 grille and these are used to hold the insulated cover against the grille opening during operation in very cold areas.

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