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1944 GPW Lawton, KS $15,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,000.

(05/07/2017) Needs some exhaust work.

“I am selling a near complete restored 1944 Ford GPW Army Jeep from WW2. The vehicle has a recently rebuilt Go-Devil Engine, carburetor, and radiator. A truly accurate restoration with the only modification being the 12 volt battery conversion. The comes with many original items such as a canvas summer top, first aid kit, axe, fuel can, and more. The vehicle still needs the some minor work on the exhaust which causes the fuel pressure to drop and cannot drive far until this final problem is resolved, however the vehicle idles perfectly and can be driven onto a trailer.”







4 Comments on “1944 GPW Lawton, KS $15,000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Looks great but I’m trying to fathom how the exhaust can cause a loss of fuel pressure… unless the fuel line is laying on the exhaust or muffler (think: explosive scenario).

    Can anyone shed some light on how the sellers description might make sense? I’d really like to know. Thanks.

  2. Jay in gilroy

    well, this might not be the exact thing but…. On my 79 Chevy 4×4 truck I had, I had mistakenly routed a rubber fuel line from the fuel pump on the lower front of engine, up and laid it across the intake manifold. One 100 degree summer I drove it a couple hundred miles to Pismo beach and when I got into town I developed vapor lock. I was cooking the fuel as it went to the carb. It was the sensation of running out of gas. Solution was to re route the fuel line so it wasn’t touching any of the engine. All good after that.

  3. Jay in Gilroy

    Have you ever noticed how many Willys jeeps came from the 82nd AB DIV? That airbase must have had so many jeeps there, they had no place to put the planes. (sarcasm)

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