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Year? CJ-2A Bosque Farms, NM **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500

(02/09/2017) Just how many of these custom hardtop flatties are there?

“Willys CJ2 like you have never seen before. Has mid 1940s Chevy cab grafted by a coachworks company to a CJ frame. 4 wheel drive 3 speed manual. This has just been gone through mechanically and has been painted OD Green bedliner after being taken down to bare metal. 31″ tires. A fun vehicle for hunters or campers. Can tow behind vehicle.”

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10 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A Bosque Farms, NM **SOLD**

  1. Dave from Mn

    Looks like a decent job at least. Most are real hack jobs. I should show you guys a picture of one i have.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve never run across an article touting them, but many are so similar it’s as if they were built based on some common reference.

  3. Mike

    Oh my favorite is still for sale. Back in the 1960’s Garfield, NJ, there was one of these backyard body work conversions on an old CJ2A using a roof top section and doors from a late 1930’s Pontiac sedan, (Dick Tracy style) Sold a number of times, last I saw it was at a big body shop off the Parkway in South Jersey about 1990. Painted yellow, looked very cool, even as a kid, I admired the creative talent.

  4. Lew

    These were fairly prevalent in Montana once upon a time. I wonder if there was some kind of Popular Mechanics article or something similar that would have suggested it. This one looks well done. This cab would make these a lot more comfortable in the cold six months of the year if it was your daily machine.
    I like it.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Lew, I too have wondered if there was some kind of “how-to” article going around that mentioned how to do this. I am surprised at the number of these mods that I have seen. I keep looking in old Pop Sci and Pop Mech for them.

    – Dave

  6. Barry West

    I believe it would be better if they had used a CJ3B. That would have matched the cab cowling much better. Then I would think it would look much better.

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