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1948 CJ-2A Colorado $5000


The sellers of this jeep are very interested in seeing it go to someone who will restore it. It’s got a rare Boston Top that’s in good condition. Contact Mark Pinel at (970) 201-7673 or if interested.



“It is partially restored (Brakes, Suspension, Seats Re-upolstered), 33,618 original miles. My Dad bought it brand new Dec. 13, 1947 and I have the original bill of sale. It starts easily and holds excellent oil pressure, never had the head off but is in need of carb re-build. I have all the original equipment including governor, PTO, all seats and original aluminum removable hard top with exception of the snow plow. I also have a wide array of spare parts including color-coded cloth wireing harness, vacuum and electric WW motors, ignition parts, complete exhaust system, etc, everything that one would need to put it into first order condition. But it needs to go to a legitimate restorer who can do it right. The engine & VIN numbers on the Bill of Sale match the Jeep and data tags.

Starts easily but the carbureator needs a rebuild as the jets are so clogged up it needs nearly full choke to run. Among the spare parts is a rebuild kit or two for the carb. The transmission shifts well as does the transfer case and the PTO case. The speedometer cable broke during the last few years my Dad had the Jeep but he only was using it around their home, it was not even registered so no meaningful miles since. I have a replacement speedometer cable. The mileage is shown on one of the photos as 33,618.



The gauges all are good but right now only the oil pressure and temperature gauges are connected. The wiring is all original and a lot of it has failed. When my Dad bought it he had an electric WW wiper motor installed on the passenger side and the hot wire to that motor from the switch shorted-out behind the dash and burned up some of the wiring including the amperage gauge. Also the sender to the fuel gauge is not connected for the same reason. I have a new original cloth wiring harness. The heater runs fine when connected to 6-volt power but it is currently not installed.



The head lights are good but not connected due to the wiring damage. I also have a spare head lamp in original carton. I have new chrome rings for the headlights as well as new running lights and lenses and tail lights.

The brakes are excellent – I did rebuild them including turning the drums, new shoes and rebuilt the master, replaced the hydraulic lines. The Parking brake works but the cable needs some oil.

I have had it garaged here in Colorado since 1987. New spare parts are too numerous to list. It is in original condition and finding a true restorer is the most important issue for us.”










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