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1943 MB? Strongsville, OH $2500


Hasn’t been run since the 1990s. Seller won’t ship.

1943-mb-strongsville-oh1 1943-mb-strongsville-oh2 1943-mb-strongsville-oh3 1943-mb-strongsville-oh4

“The serial number matches to ones manufactured in 1943. By what I can tell online, many army jeeps received a year designation when the were sold to the public, not when they were actually made.

This jeep was purchased by my Great Uncle in 1945 when he returned home from WWII. It has been in the family since. He and his brothers only ever used it to plow snow (there is a plow included if you want it).

The white top is a Korean War era top that they added later. 9,000 miles. Not a typo. It wasn’t driven much. (I’ll change it to the exact mileage later – I don’t have that info on me right now).

I HAVE THE TITLE. I know this is very important and many people don’t have the title for a jeep of this era. It costs $500 to replace a title.

Original bullet-proof tires on split rims.
Interior is in bad shape. It’s 70+ years old! What did you expect?

It hasn’t been started since the mid 90’s. I know it needs a new water pump. I see there are many “new old stock” ones for sale on ebay, so it’s not a difficult part to find.

Yes, I am well aware that it has some rust. If you think you are going to point out every rust spot and try to get it for free, you will leave empty handed. Please don’t waste my time.

I do not care how far you drove to look at it, or that you need to tow it. That’s your problem, not mine.

I will not ship it. Do not ask.
I’m not interested in selling it to resellers or scrappers.
Let me know if you need pictures of anything specific. I will gladly add them to the posting.
If the posting is up, it is still for sale. No need to ask if I still have it.”


4 Comments on “1943 MB? Strongsville, OH $2500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Quite a find. But from one pic it appears the dash was cut over at the glove box. Modified for a heater, perhaps?

  2. Jay in Gilroy

    I do believe that the cut at glovebox was for a windshield defroster. Check out the clear tube coming up and over to the windshield for the driver.

  3. keith

    Someone should have let him know that the MVPA international convention started the day he posted this .
    It ends tonight, It’s at the IX center (the old tank plant) 4 miles from his house.

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