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1951? CJ-2A? Brookville, OH eBay


Glenn spotted this one. It’s got an interesting windshield. I *think* I’ve seen one or two others, though last time I looked, I couldn’t find them. The remainder of the jeep looks civilian and, mostly 1946 2A rather than 1951ish.

“Up for aution is a 1951 willys jeep. This jeep has a very rare windshield designed for a cannon. Body is solid. Looks to be the original L4 flat head engine. Engine has not ran in a long time and seems to be seized up, but all drive train seems ok. I do have a new radiator , hoses , and plug wires for the engine.”

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1951-flattie1 1951-flattie2 1951-flattie3 1951-flattie4


6 Comments on “1951? CJ-2A? Brookville, OH eBay

  1. S. Giraud

    Windshield looks like the one the French Hotchkiss M-201 jeep (copy of the WW11 jeep) used for the Howitzer mounted type model.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    S. Giraud. Thanks, that’s a great reminder. I just found this brochure from the M201 site related to the windshield: The resolution isn’t good enough to confirm the windshield is original, but to me it looks the same.

    – Dave

  3. S. Giraud

    Dave Eilers, Very much appreciate your site. Always look forward every day to new posting.

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