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Exploring the Santa Fe Trail in 1950 by Jeep

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The January 1950 issue of Popular Mechanics featured a story about airline pilot Heath Proctor and his trip by CJ-2A along the Old Santa Fe Trail. I’ve included a few pics below. I’m not sure what’s on the front bumper? Are those push bumpers?

Here’s a link to the entire story online: (Page 88).

1950-01-popular-mechanics-santa-fe-trail2 1950-01-popular-mechanics-santa-fe-trail3


7 Comments on “Exploring the Santa Fe Trail in 1950 by Jeep

  1. Barry West

    A Lefty? Bumperettes, from an older Willy’s car or other makes maybe. Why, I don’t know.

  2. Niels Pedersen

    I bet there were a lot of old antique bottles that were tossed out along that trail. Be cool to try to find a few of the old camp sites and locate their trash pits…..

  3. Colin Peabody

    Those look like the bumperettes off a Willys wagon or Jeepster from 46 on through 62 or 63.

  4. Barry West

    Colin I would normally agree but this trip was in 1950. So that gives them a 5 year time frame. But they are wider, taller and deeper than ones off of trucks and wagons I have from that time frame. Plus there is no where to attach the upper beauty guard. I’m thinking earlier WO maybe car or another make. IMO. I can only think of two reasons they on there. Extra protection or for pushing.

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