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Having a Gas

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My wife has been having a wonderful time making videos of things not quite going as planned. Yesterday, we only had to be pushed by the neighbors twice into the driveway. I figure either there’s something in the gas, something wrong with the fuel pump, or the pressure is off on the fuel line. Outside of that, I followed Rick’s Old Jeep Carb method for timing the engine and it worked well. When gas isn’t an issue, the jeep starts up on the first turn of the key and just hums.

Here is the second time we needed a push (great way to reconnect with old neighbors!):


16 Comments on “Having a Gas

  1. SteveK

    No new shoes for you, Patterson. It is odd the way it starts so easily and then seems to run out of gas while idling. To me, from here in South Florida, lol, that suggests the issue is in the carbuerator, not the fuel pick up. I would think that if at the tank end, the fuel line would be empty when it dies, and not be able to re-start so quickly. The carb must be getting some fuel. Maybe trash in the bowl covers the jet?

    I would start by ‘starting it’ and when it dies. remove the top of the carb and see how much fuel is sitting in there, do a float level measurement while it is open, and check the tip of the needle valve too. If you see trash, tank/lines are probably dirty. Is there a fuel filter inline yet? Is it dirty? Not much help maybe, but sometimes the ‘harder you try’ one can over look the easy stuff. I hope something here helps. You’re making progress tho, and good videos too. 🙂 Keep us posted…

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I don’t see anything but a vast white space where the video pic should be (on Firefox)… and not even a link to click as I scroll around the white space.
    BUT, this post works fine on Internet Explorer! Hmmmm.
    Is anyone else having a similar issue/problem?

  3. Joe in Mesa

    But as to the problem at hand… I was getting similar symptoms on the GPW and it turned out to be the Condenser (in the distributor). Discovered only after exhaustively, repeatedly cleaning/tuning/adjusting and replacing every element of the fuel system (lines, filter/strainer, pump, and carb).

  4. Blaine

    I can’t play it either but mine sounds like a different issue. I read “video unavailable” “could not be played” displayed over a fuzzy photo of the Jeep.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Blane, are you using Firefox (Mozilla), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or something else?

  6. keith

    Is there sealer in your gas tank? Mine came out in strips and clogged the fuel line due to alcohol in the gas dissolving the alcohol safe sealer…

  7. Craig in ME

    I had the same problem after doing a complete tune-up on an M38 that wouldn’t start. After running smoothly for several miles, it started sputtering just like your jeep. I suspected gas too, but it wasn’t the issue. I then replaced the brand new condensor with the old one…and it came back to life and has been running fine ever since! Comparing the new condensor, it was smaller, with a thinner wire. The old ‘good’ one was a reputable ‘blue streak’ brand.

    Can’t hurt to try.


  8. Ted Jordan

    Spec or dirt clogging the main jet is always the culprit , but would be doing it all the time and run pretty good with it nearly choked down to nothing. My guess is the condenser as well. If you can find an old one chances are good it’s way better than any of the crown automotive electrical junk you will find at any and all parts – jeep parts suppliers. Your so close guys , keep banging away on it !!!!! Your progress is amazing and an inspiration to me for sure.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Sorry the video isn’t playing for some.

    Thanks to Steve for mentioning the fuel filter. Patterson didn’t have one installed and I forgot to install one. It is now installed.

    I have been warned against using a tank liner. I don’t know whether the tank had a liner applied or not. The new inline filter is clear plastic, so I can keep an eye on the gas.

    I bought a cheap condenser and installed it. The issue changed from running smoothly to doing a little more loping. I haven’t messed with it too much since changing out the condenser, as we are picking up some new tires for Patterson.

    I have not tackled the carb yet, but I will add that tot the list of things to investigate. We”ll figure this out!

  10. Barry West

    Condenser sounds right to me since you had troubled earlier and may have shorted things out previously. To much stray voltage! I would also recheck the points too, a short could have fried them. You may have to go thru and check all wires to make sure there’s no shorts. But I know you’ll get it figured out, it’s just old Murphy kicking around.

  11. Craig/Vermont

    I’d set a temp fuel tank (like a plastic lawn mower tank) on the cowl and hook directly to the carb…if condensor and carb are ok, gravity feed should run it fine…if it doesn’t, at least you’ve narrowed it down some…if it does run good, chase the problem back through the pump, lines + tank…inline filters are a must…don’t forget to hook up a line from the fuel pump to a catch can so you don’t spray gas all over the engine…it’s frustrating and time consuming to chase more than 1 problem at a time…good luck.

  12. Blaine

    Joe, I have Mozilla. Dave’s videos use to work. I like doing mechanical stuff where I can see issues.

  13. Tony Mallon

    Many years ago my CJ 8 would stop running after 10 minutes or so. Until this developed It was an otherwise great 258 engine. After letting it sit for a few minutes it would start, run great, and die again. Many, many hours and lots of new parts I was sitting in the driver seat letting it run until it died out . I happened to look at the temperature gage as it stopped running. There in was the problem…. a short in the temp gage.

  14. Rich

    Your vent in the gas cap may be plugged. Loosen the cap and see what it does. I had this problem and it took forever to find it.

  15. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for all the ideas guys. I’m just catching up from being sick.

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