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1942 GPW? Pueblo, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $750.

There may be some parts value here. It looks to me like it has MB lids. Seller makes quite a statement about rarity, but the numbers don’t back that claim. There were 281,000 GPWs produced. That is more than the number of CJ-2As (225,000), CJ-3As (131,000), CJ-3Bs (196,000), and M-38s (45,000) … I guess it ain’t that rare after all!

“Complete jeep I’m not sure of the year but is between 42-45 I know it was made by Ford extremely rare, parts or the whole vehicle. I have the title some where or can reaply for new tittle, this is the rarest jeep ever made in the history of the country.”

1942-gpw-pueblo-co1 1942-gpw-pueblo-co2 1942-gpw-pueblo-co3


6 Comments on “1942 GPW? Pueblo, CO **SOLD**

  1. Matt

    Needs a few things. I was under the assumption if these had a “flat-top” grill and Willy’s frame it would make early GPWs rare..

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The GPWs with the Willys’ frame are rare. I’m not sure what you mean by flat top grill? Do you mean a slat grille? No GPWs have been documented leaving the factory with that type of grille.

  3. Brian

    The flat top grill does not have the small indentation or depression in the middle of the top of the grill. This was added after April 1942.

  4. John Trumpe

    The block shows that it isn’t a go devil engine. Look at where the distributor is.

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