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Brake Cleaning & Axle Swap

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I spent a long time in the garage and now it’s the wee hours of the morning, so just a few posts today. This isn’t much of a post, but you get the idea …

I pulled the brakes and wheel cylinders off the front. The front wheel cylinders were full of crud, but the cylinders themselves, along with the rubber, were still in good shape, so I honed the cylinders, cleaned the parts, and reassembled them.


Since I have everything apart, I decided to installed a different axle. It’s clean and I’m not sure it’s every been used.




2 Comments on “Brake Cleaning & Axle Swap

  1. Bob

    No wonder the brakes froze up! That’s a whole bunch of crud. Did you check the rest of the brake cylinders?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yes, the other front one was nearly as bad. The passenger rear was pretty clean. The driver’s rear still needs to be checked (it was late when I tried to pull the hub — it’s being a little more stubborn).

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