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Just this Update Today

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For the second day in a row, the internet is proving too elusive to do any updates other than this text update. There’s also been almost no cell coverage (until we hit Prince George). I’m barely able to do email.

To those following our journeys, we drove from Whitehorse to Deese Lake on Wednesday, meeting up with the Vidals once more. Then on Thursday we drove from Deese Lake to Prince George. On Friday we plan to drive reenter the US and head for the Seattle area.


4 Comments on “Just this Update Today

  1. Lew

    Thanks for all the updates on your trip Dave. While the rest of us are living our seemingly mundane lives during the time you guys are having an experience of a lifetime, we have been following your progress carefully probably each wishing we were there too. Its been fun to watch and we’re been rooting for your success. That being said, we hope it is still a labor of love for you and not a ball and chain.

  2. Barry West

    Glad to hear everyone is OK! I thought for a day or so a Bigfoots got you guys. Whew. Still waiting on that once in a lifetime video or photo of one. LOL. Be careful all.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the updates. Things should return to normal on Tuesday morning. It was a great trip with a great bunch of folks.

    I recharged Patterson’s battery last night and he started right up. I’ll likely make a swap for an alternator and run with that.

    I plan to turn my attention to Biscuit and get it running.

    Barry, I saw plenty of bears, but no big foots. Sorry to break your heart.

    Bill, fortunately, I was not asked to count the shirts. But, I did get a general lecture on not giving anything away in Canada at the Alaska/Canada border. Guess they have their eye on me.

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