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Saturday Night Update


We finally made it to Pasco. On Sunday morning we will be taking the Vidals to Twin Falls, then returning the next day. Regular updates will appear again Tuesday morning. I will also have some final trip updates also.

BTW: I recharged Patterson’s battery last night and it started right up.

Thanks for everyone’s patience.



4 Comments on “Saturday Night Update

  1. bill

    Now I understand the how a drug user feels when they don’t get their daily fix. [Might be addicted to ewilly s]

  2. frankthecrank58

    Hey Dave and Ann
    Glad you made it home safe and sound through all the smoke and fires we’ve been having here in BC
    Too bad you weren’t able to stop in Oliver on your way home ( if you came down 97 that is) as it would have been great to meet you all
    Thanks for all the updates and pics.
    Made it like we all were there with you….almost
    Take care until your next adventure

  3. David Eilers Post author

    because of the fires Ann was having to wear her mask through most of southern Canada, so getting beyond the smoke became a priority. our goal is to return soon so we can meet folks and see some of southern Canada without the smoke :-). It is a pretty quick trip for us to get up there.

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