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3 DJ-3As Long Beach, CA **SOLD**

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Gray Navy Jeep (has a gov plate on the right side of dash):



dj3a-collection-longbeach-ca-10 dj3a-collection-longbeach-ca-19

Green DJ-3A:


1952-dj3a-longbeach-ca91 1952-dj3a-longbeach-ca92 1952-dj3a-longbeach-ca93 1952-dj3a-longbeach-ca94




red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores1 red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores2 red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores3

red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores4 red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores5 red-white-dj3a-longbeach-lores6

Wagon (SOLD?):wagon-dj3a-collection-longbeach-ca2 wagon-dj3a-collection-longbeach-ca3 wagon-dj3a-collection-longbeach-ca4

Standard Red DJ-3A that lacks a hardtop **SOLD**




31 Comments on “3 DJ-3As Long Beach, CA **SOLD**

  1. Lew

    Might that wagon have had basket weave on the side panels? Sure looks like it is in great original condition.

  2. Bob

    I e mailed the guy and he wants $4500 for the red, white and blue one. He referred to it as a 1963 DJ3A surrey. What do you guys think? It’s hard to tell with all of the add ons. Also, check out the windshield mounting on it closely. Looks like there’s a bracket and the windshield is mounted to that.

  3. Bob

    Upon closer look there is something odd with the dash as well, look how tall it is…I thought maybe a 3b, but not really sure of that.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Looks like the dash has been extended up the windshield. That gives it the taller look. Maybe there’s a plate over the normal dash? I can’t quite tell what’s going on with it. Did he share the VIN number with you? It is missing the footman loops on the fenders, but those could have been removed and painted over.

  5. Colin Peabody

    I looked closely at the dash on the red one. What I think we are seeing is the windshield frame has the windshield frame with the wipers installed along the top bar and painted white. Below that it is difficult to tell if the dash has been extended up to the bottom of that first bar. there is no vent showing to the front of the windshield , but it does look like the speedometer sits low. I had to leave a voice mail for the guy. Might have to leave a text for him later.

    The wagon does look pretty reasonable. The one we had in 1955, was the same color Luzon Red with the cream panels, but no basket weave in the panels.

  6. Bobq

    I texted the owner and he sent me some more photos. I’ll send them to Dave. It looks like a 3b windshield extended up on brackets, with a filler panel inside and out. It does not look like anything was harmed in doing this. I think it was done for someone tall perhaps. Also the drain holes have been filled in.

  7. Bob

    Also, once Dave adds those other photos, take a look at the shifter and what an odd place it’s in. I think they kept the side shift transmission in it and just added a shifter. I did not get a vin off the owner. I believe if I were looking for a surrey or to make a surrey clone, I would probably pick this one up.

  8. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve added the photos. That windshield may not be a 3B. The convertible DJs came with that type of windshield. Somewhere in my archives I *think* I have a DJ that had a similar setup. I wonder if that one became this one. I’ll see if I can find it.

    Only the driver’s side drain hole is filled. I see no holes along the side that would have supported the Convertible DJ top. They were either filled in or it never had a convertible top.

  9. SteveK

    I’m thinking the red, white and blue one is a former folding top version. No top frame pockets showing center or rear like shown on the gray one, that a Surrey would have. The folding top used a pivot bracket on top of the body pane on each side as seen on the green one. As said, the short windshield frame style also goes with the convertible, but as suggested, obviously has been raised for more height. There’s a lot of ‘creativity’ there, but easily could be transformed into a Surrey with a new windshield frame and added accessories, or, made into a correct folding top model again, rarer than a Surrey. Or, just have fun with it…Seems in solid condition.

  10. Colin Peabody

    I think everyone is on track with the red white and blue Jeep. The windshield appears to be the convertible model , ;mounted with extensions to raise it up and then filled with sheet metal. No rear corner tubes to hold the rear posts on a Surrey or center supports for the center top bow. The steering wheel looks to be MB or early CJ2A.

    The Gray Jeep has several modifications, and I think the Navy plate is probably accurate. I can’t see the serial number well, but it appears to be 21713 and the engine number is 17245 from what I can tell.

    Judging from the added accessories to these Jeeps, I would guess they were modified by the same person, rear bumpers and valance panels appear to be late 40s early 50 Chrysler products.

  11. Sami

    Hello everyone,

    I purchased the all Red DJ3A. It drives great. I’m new to the Jeep world, so if anybody has any tips, it will be MUCH appreciated. I tracked down the owner who removed the hard top, but he didn’t know where I could find the original. What a bummer. I am thinking of possibly adding a roll bar and a bikini top since I probably won’t be able to find the hardtop, but I don’t really know where to begin. There is a slight leak under the car and I’ve taken it in for inspection. The fuel gauge and turn signals also don’t work, so I’m trying to figure all of that out. I appreciate all tips!

    Proud new Willys owner,


  12. David Eilers Post author

    Welcome to the DJ club Sami. I’m glad to hear it runs and drives well.

    The chances of finding a hardtop are pretty slim. They aren’t easy to find apart from the jeep.

    Finding a roll bar for it shouldn’t be difficult. A little patience and you should be able to find one fairly inexpensively.

    Your windshield doesn’t quite look set up for a bikini top, if you can even find one. You’ll probably have to use a CJ-5 bikini top and take in the edges (it will be a few inches wider than your windshield). No company that I know of currently makes bikini tops for flat fenders.

    Feel free to post questions here or email me directly at for more info.

  13. Bob

    Sami, thats great. If I were closer I would have considered this. I don’t think any of the prices were bad either.

  14. SteveK

    Congratulations Sami, Welcome to the World of Willys Dispatchers and their uniqueness, where you never say “always” or “never” for applications. My Dj is not being restored stock, but getting a ‘makeover’. As an option for you to consider, I’m using a Bestop #52518-15 strapless Bikini top and a rollbar for support. This link shows you the top and pricing example…
    It requires a top of the windshield mounted channel #51209-01. Your hardtop windshield frame is wider than a typical soft top windshield frame. My windshield frame measures 52.5″ wide. You can compare yours to that. The channel for the top mentioned measures 55.5″ wide. I reshaped it to follow the contour of the windshield frame and the top works fine. If you chose to go this route, I would recommend you get the top before mounting the roll bar to get a good tight fit. The top is meant for a CJ7, and as said is wider and may be a little longer too. I wish I had a picture of it installed, but I do not, but it looks just like on the link except with a little fold over in the front. Any questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy your Dj.

  15. Sami

    Thanks for all of the advice and support everyone! I’m learning as I go. I managed to track down an original Dispatcher owner’s manual, which has helped with some main items. I have noticed that my DJ3A does not have a parking brake. There is a cassette deck where the brake is supposed to be. Is it possible a previous owner took out the parking brake?! I have been parking and leaving it in gear in lieu of the missing parking brake. I also have a brick in the back, just in case:)

    I also tracked down the owner who took off the original hardtop in 2010. He has no idea where it ended up.

  16. SteveK

    Another tempting convertible 1950 with covered seats, side clips, top rails, and 5 hubcaps, listed for $3000. I’m sure glad it is on the west coast…to prevent me from ‘going for it’. Looks very solid and complete, except top and doors.

  17. Charles Tate

    That Green convertible first appeared on eBay and then ewillys years ago COMPLETE with the folding top.

    Several years ago now Dave ran a ad on ewillys for me and FBill because we were looking for it to help document our research.

    At the time it was the ONLY DJ3A convertible we knew of anywhere that still had the original top. Then by the last time Dave listed it, sadly the top was missing. I would love to have had it for a pattern.

    See the small piece of channel that is attached to the longest bow on that green jeep? I can tell you for a fact that inserted into that piece of channel is a piece of wood. When completely assembled the canvas top is actually tacked to that wood making it technically unremovable from the top bows.

    For what seems like a really simple jeep the details of the folding convertible tops were very very complicated.

  18. Paul Villforth

    Has anyone commenting seen the vehicles up close? I am wondering if the gray one is road worthy. I see it has a license plate but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is road worthy.
    Is $3000 reasonable?
    I contacted the seller and the Wagon is sold.

  19. David Eilers Post author


    As far as I know, only Sami (commenter above) has seen this in person. The green DJ is a very good and stock example of a later model stock DJ-3A. If it runs well and stops (two important “ifs”), getting this for $3000 would be a very good price, but I also think the seller’s price of $3800 is unreasonable either … the seller’s problem is that there isn’t a big demand for DJ-3As. The seller has had these listed a while, so he might take a lower price just to get rid of it? That I couldn’t say.

    – Dave

  20. Paul Villforth

    When you looked at these vehicles were all of them operational? I live in Texas (Houston) and if I bought one I would need to have it shipped by an auto carrier. It helps immensely if the vehicle will run and stop.

    Also, if you have something leaking under the Jeep, get used to it. Vehicles before the 1980’s typically leaked oil from a number of different places even when they were brand new.

    I just noticed that the hood ornament on the red-white-blue Jeep is from a 1951 Studebaker Champion.

  21. Sami

    Hey everyone,

    Seeing these current prices hurts a bit. I paid twice this much, but did get the pick of the litter. Green one was running as of December. Grey one I believe was as well, but was too rusted for my taste. They all photograph really well, but may be worth an in-person look depending on how much work you’re willing to put in. The multi-colored one looks like a hand paint job. I believe all run and stop though.

    My red one is great. I just had the transmission rebuilt and it drives and runs like a dream.

  22. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Rick,

    I haven’t seen these posted on Craigslist in a while. I’ve updated the post. If I see them again I will let you know.

    – Dave

  23. just me

    I have they gray one. 3 were bought by a friend and he high graded the parts and I bought the remains.
    It runs fine. The body IS junk but the frame and chassis are very good. I am going to re tub it.

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