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1966 Video of the 14th Annual Jeep Jamboree

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This video demonstrates how many different types of vehicles were participating. At several points you’ll see a rare siting of an Austin Champ going offroad. Note also the nearly brand-new looking Tux Park. Great stuff!


3 Comments on “1966 Video of the 14th Annual Jeep Jamboree

  1. Vernon Haggard

    The CJ-3B was typical , put it out with beer or dirt , done it myself . No one carried a fire extinguisher . On my 48 Jeep Truck , off road , it was the gas fuel strainer bowl broke . My brother in law was at this Jeeper Jamboree , he went to all of them . He had a 59 M38 A-1 , Chevy 283 , fat tires , painted orange . I don’t see him in this movie . I have a box of his old movies , if I can find them . And the Jeeepers Jamboree dashboard emblems . I think I sold the M38A-1 to an Oakland A’s pitcher , or he looked at it years ago .

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the memories Vernon! I’m always interested in vintage jeep footage. If you ever find the movies, I’d be interested in trying to digitize some of them.

    – Dave

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