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1958 FC-150 Luther, IA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. Status Unknown.

Some custom work added some handy steps. The bed tilts.


“We have had our FC150 at the farm doing work since we purchased it 5 years ago. I once heard somebody describe the FC150 as a “Tractor with a cab and heater”! This is a very accurate statement! This Jeep truly goes anywhere! I have never had it stuck or even struggle thru our deep ravines and hills! But over the last year we haven’t used it as much as we use to and decided its time to sell.

The Jeep appears to have its original engine which runs great! It starts easily if you start it every day or two but if you leave it sit for a week or so then it takes a little primer (a shot of carb cleaner) to get it started. It shifts thru all four gears with no issues and idles well. A tune up was done about a year ago which consisted of new plugs, oil and carburetor rebuild. I also removed and cleaned the fuel tank and replace the fuel pump and filter. I am not sure what the top speed of the vehicle is but my guess would be 40 -45 mph. The 4 wheel drive works great! It has the lock out hubs but I have never switched them and assume they work.

All hydraulics work great! The pump is powered by a PTO which is activated by a hand pull. The winch works great( I have never been stuck but stretched the cable out and rewound it by pulling the jeep backwards). The snow plow moves up and down smoothly but I have never had a blade on it. And of course the custom diamond plate dump bed works awesome! I have loaded the back end full of red oak-drove out of the woods-backed up to my wood pile and dumped the entire contents with no problems!

The tires have great tread but are weather checked in between the treads. One tire has a very slow leak (I have to fill it with air about every week or two). I recently replaced the clutch slave cylinder. The brakes work good considering its age. I have to fill up the brake reservoir once in a while but I have no idea where the fluid goes. I have never seen any part of the brakes leak. Two wheel cylinders have been replaced (you can still buy these at most auto parts stores). No issues with steering (other than it is not power steering). This has a 12 volt system with a good battery. I rarely used the lights and accessories but appear to work fine.

The body has recently been repainted red and white. There are flaws in the body and cab but overall in nice shape. The body does have body filler. The previous owner cut most of the rust away and re-welded new steel in its place however there is still some rust as would be expected of a vehicle of this age. The bumpers and snow plow pump have also had their paint touched up. The frame appears to be solid. The interior has been repainted but needs a headliner installed. The seats are in great condition with no tears or splits. The passenger door window has a crack in it(see pics) but is solid and was like that when we bought it. All other glass is in good to great shape!

This is one of the funnest vehicles I have ever owned! This would make anybody a great parade or show vehicle! Most people don’t know what it is or that they were even produced. It is a must to drive! Sitting directly on top of the front wheels gives you an excellent view (especially when going down a steep hill)!”


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