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1948 Article About Modified Jeep

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The February 1948 issue of Mechanic Illustrated included this blurb about a sedanized jeep.



2 Comments on “1948 Article About Modified Jeep

  1. Joe

    Had the absolute privilege of being stationed by the Navy in Wahiawa, Hawaii almost 50 years ago where the base had a jeep assigned to the Special Services Division. The best part was that the jeep could be reserved on weekends by active duty personnel with the only stipulation that the vehicle was returned with a full tank of gas. This was also the duty vehicle of the Chief in-charge of Special Services so it better be back in front of the Admin. Bldg. by Sunday night.

    The jeep was a stock Willys M38 painted bright red with white Navy markings complete with an OD canvas summer top. The jeep was maintained by a group of active-duty volunteers in the Special Services auto shop on base, was still in active inventory and had not yet been surplused at this point.

    I always marveled that one could head North on the King Kamehameha Hwy. just outside the main gate, drive around the island perimeter and without ever turning off the highway end up back at the base. That jeep experience was loads of fun. My only regret was never getting of picture of the jeep back then. Maybe that’s why I purchased my own M38 soon after discharge from the service.

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