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Early Warn Brochures

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I missed out on these early Warn brochures that sold on eBay. There were two hubcap brochures, also known as “summer hubs”. The third brochure (in yellow) touts the Automatic Warn Hub. According to Hugo Vidal, Warn Industries and Hugo’s company AVM had all kinds of trouble with the Automatic hub, so it was discontinued (possibly in favor of the Warn Lockomatic hub?).
warn-hub-brochures2 warn-hub-brochures warn-hub-line1 warn-hub-line2

warn-summer-hubs-hubcap-brochur2 warn-summer-hubs-hubcap-brochure1


2 Comments on “Early Warn Brochures

  1. Bob in Colorado

    I still have automatic hubs on one CJ 5. Best hubs I ever bought. D & L Jeep in Kansas sold them on most of the Jeeps they sold including Jeep Trucks. The ranches liked them because they didn’t have to get out to lock them in when they needed four wheel drive. On mountain trails I always locked them in if I needed compression braking. They would free wheel when coasting.

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