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1943? Flattie Shelton, WA No Price


Listed as a 1943, it appears to have an M-38 body. Looks like this could have been a racer at some point (given the team relay flag holder on the cage).

“1943 WILLYS Jeep for sale, New muffler , Unknown Miles, Power Steering”





4 Comments on “1943? Flattie Shelton, WA No Price

  1. Marty Tilford

    It even has co-op front tires. With the rear mud flap I too would say it was an old racer at some point.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’m suspect that engine has been souped up a bit givent he carb. A few mods and this might make a fun old fashioned racer.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Could be Colin. Maybe a 153?

    During the late 1970s/early 1980s the large number of jeeps at PNW4WDA races led to organizing jeeps by engine cylinders (4/6/8/) and whether they were modified. Modifying Fords and Chevy inline 4s became popular, though not always all that successful. It was fun to check them out and see what how folks were doing to them. One of the fastest jeeps I ever saw was a drag jeep called Rapid Transit out of Canada. It had a Pontiac 4 cyl that screamed. I once bought a fiberglass racer from the late 1970s that had a 392 transformed (by removing half the cylinders and part of the block) into a 4 cyl. That was a patchwork of welds like i’d never seen on an engine and intake manifold! I wished I’d taken pics of that one.

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