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1949 Seco Mill Direct Drive Brochure

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This early Willys truck-mounted mill by SECO MILLS was powered by a PTO.

1949-truck-grinder-brochure2 1949-truck-grinder-brochure1


7 Comments on “1949 Seco Mill Direct Drive Brochure

  1. Barry West

    I’ve seen two of them in use during my childhood years. My elderly cousin Ezirah Johnson had purchased two (from who i don’t know) & built a mill barn around them. He didn’t have them mounted on a Willys truck but he used a Willy’s truck parked under a lean to to power them both via the rear non 90° PTO belt and a front non 90° PTO. When done the truck was used for deliveries and pleasure, I believe it was a 53 pickup. He mixed for everyone in a 30 mile radius if not more. His brother in law had a molasses business nearby and processed for the same customers and supplied molasses to Ezriah’s mill. The good olé days hey. Thanks for posting Dave!

  2. Barry West

    Back during those times around here people used sugar cane, corn, hay, pigs, unclean cotton seed (for sweet feed mixes, cows love cotton seed), sugar cane pulp, and corn stalks (for mule & horse fodder and feed mix) just like money to barter for needed goods and supplies. One feeder pig was equal to 10 50lb bags of sweet feed. Yep, those were the good olé days, ahh.

  3. Allan Knepper

    Wow…..I can still smell the sweet molasses and ground oats and corn mix !! We did not have any Jeep mounted units in our small Iowa town, but several larger units like this mounted on Chevrolet truck chassis’s. In high school I started working at the little local Chevrolet dealership. I had to work under two of these type grinder/mixer units owned by the local feed stores. During routine lube, oil and filter changes, there were lots of extra grease zerks on the the PTO setup and mixer apparatus.


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