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1944 Photo of Bantam BRC-60 on eBay

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UPDATE: The same photo with the same caption, but dated slightly different, is for sale on eBay. The earlier one sold in March of 2016 (seen at bottom of post).

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1944-04-19-2-bantam-brc-60-1 1944-04-19-2-bantam-brc-60-2


(03/13/2016 original post) “1944- U.S. Army’s Bantam BRC 60 reconnaissance car on display in the Smithsonian Institute. Note: Still on display at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.”

1944-04-19-bantam-brc-60-1 1944-04-19-bantam-brc-60-2


2 Comments on “1944 Photo of Bantam BRC-60 on eBay

  1. Barry West

    Well, since I’m an graphic artist I think I’m qualified to say the top photo is a scanned copy. And it may even been copy from the original posting. The routing phase wasn’t done this way back then and compare the inside rounded corners of the original then look at the top one. Stamps are easy made and the attempt to forge the A1184 is really bad. Not the same person, marks are original on the copy and then added or removed graphically/digitally. By the way one can still get the photo paper used back then. By the way the eBay link doesn’t work. Be careful out there.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Barry, here’s the correct link:

    I appreciate those observations. Several years ago I started seeing a few repeat press photo advertised as original. Not knowing exactly how press photos worked back in the day, I thought that maybe they made a series of photos that were distributed to different newspapers. So, I began trying to track them like I’ve done with the one above. However, the one above is as close to a copy in terms of the caption and photo as I’ve seen.

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