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CJ-3B Body Rathdrum, ID **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

(03/30/2017) Interesting story. The 3B hood with the louvres is unusual.

“I purchased this to turn into my dream FrankenWillys, stretched to allow 3 rows of seats. When I called the Idaho DOT, everything went well until I said “stretch”. Apparently that makes it a new vehicle, that would need to meet current safety standards (airbags, etc.). So I set my dream aside and bought a CJ8 as a compromise. I need to get the CJ3 out of the garage, so I can get the CJ8 fixed up.

Most of the CJ3 B body has been sandblasted. If it is gray in the picture, it is likely sandblasted. The floor has rust, see pictures, but overall it is in good condition for an old Willys. Comes with Koenig steel top. The top comes with a set of full doors. There is also a set of half doors. There is a spare firewall to replace the original firewall that was cut out for a V8.”

cj3b-body-rathdrum-id2 cj3b-body-rathdrum-id3 cj3b-body-rathdrum-id4


6 Comments on “CJ-3B Body Rathdrum, ID **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author


    Seller was going to stretch until he discovered it could complicate things with the DMV.

    – Dave

  2. Windyhill

    rule #1 don’t say anything to DMV! Safety standards..ha ha BS, look at all the street rods running around etc. Don’t let some goof at the DMV with a bad hair day steer your decisions. Most of them don’t know or really care what’s legal or “correct” There is usually a specialty tags division or such which you can sometimes get the correct answer if you get the right person.

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