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Help Wanted Grants Pass, OR

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This rebuilder needs some help with his/her jeep.

“I have a 1952 CJ3A I’ve been working on for several years and I’m looking for someone to help me put it all back together. I have the fiberglass tub back from paint, chassis powder coated and installed, new tires, overhauled engine.
What remains:
Permanently mount the body onto the frame
Convert the 6V to a 12V (new conversion kit and all parts are already ordered and ready to install)
Run the fuel lines
Install the electrical components and hook up all new instruments (holes already cut)
Mount seats into frame
A few other odds and ends 🙂
As restoration projects go, this one is really close to completion but I need some help; the last and final push, to get it back on the road.
I have done or paid to have done (i.e. paint, engine OH) and it has taken me a long time. Ready to finish it before the cold weather arrives. I am 100 lbs and I lack the physical strength to shift the tub into proper place on my own, and I am new to this area. I am looking for someone that can help me with the remaining restoration project. Flexible hours, at my location in Grants Pass where I have the vehicle stored. I can pay you hourly or salary, depending on your skill level and how you prefer to work. Please have knowledge of older vehicles, be competent at what you do, honest, have integrity and preferably a love of old Willys and / or fond of vintage aircraft (I installed over 2,000 rivets into the body of this tub 🙂 )”



5 Comments on “Help Wanted Grants Pass, OR

  1. David

    That may be a vinyl wrap, not paint. Definitely an aircraft vibe with the rivets, could be cool when it’s done.

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