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MAK-A-CAR Aluminum Jeep on eBay

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Not sure about the price, but an interesting item. I thought there was also a  listing for this that included the box, but now I can’t find it.

“Ultra rare assembled vintage MAK-A-CAR aluminum Jeep model kit in great condition for its age. Info is scarce on these, but found a site which indicated these kits were produced in the 40s. The first image below is of the box, found on google images. NOTE: The Jeep in this listing does not include the box.”

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make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model9 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model10 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model11 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model12

make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model13 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model14 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model15 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model16 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model17 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model18 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model19 make-a-car-aluminum-jeep-model20

Steering works. Left front wheel sits approximately 1/4″ off the ground – light tweak to the chassis should remedy the gap.

Body parts are thin ALCLAD aluminum. Suspension parts, rear axle, and steering wheel are either thicker aluminum or pot metal. Spindles, steering rods, steering shaft, and all fasteners are steel. Wheels/tires are hard plastic and show some oxidation.

Body is remarkably straight – a little gentle massaging should fix any minor distortions if desired. Jeep appears to have been factory coated or painted silver by the builder, and there are several spots around the vehicle where the finish has rubbed, scraped, or bubbled off due to light corrosion. The steering shaft slides up and down in its sleeve.”


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