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Unusual Hardtop from Uruguay

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Hugo, our eWillys correspondent from Uruguay, filed this report. He spotted this strange jeep, possibly a CJ-3A, with an unusual hardtop. He would have taken more pics, but its proximity behind the US embassy made snapping photos a little uncomfortable. So, he was in and out quickly!

I shared the photos with Fernando Vidal. He wrote back, “Actually, you can see ANY of weird adapting on vehicles in Uruguay… Uruguayans are customization specialists! Everyday on the roads and streets of Montevideo we use to spot many strange things on wheels of every kind. Uruguay never produced cars or trucks, which have always been imported as an expensive commodity, and its replacement parts were usually hard to find. The long term result is that they were used to the maximum (it’s common to find vehicles from the 40`s and 50`s being used as daily drivers). Creativity led to some horrendous (sometimes really funny) “frankensteins”, of vehicles from different decades stitched together on the most bizarre ways… “

flattie-strange-hardtop-uruguay-1 flattie-strange-hardtop-uruguay-2


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