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1955 Wagon Parkway Seattle, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5950.

This could make a good project. This was spotted in the Detroit Craigslist, but there’s an explanation as to why that is.

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“I’m listing this for a friend and to be clear, the vehicle is in Seattle, Wash., not Detroit. But it’s ready to ship. I have worked with my friend on the vehicle and I’ve driven it. It’s a running, driving project that needs paint and assembly. The best part is, it’s rust-free, so the approximately $1,000 you might spend on shipping it to Michigan would only be fraction of what you’d spend on rust repair on another vehicle.

It’s a somewhat rare ’55 Sedan Delivery model, aka Utility Delivery, with fixed windows and rear barn doors. It’s also a 2WD, with transverse front leaf springs.

My friend bought it as a project to finish and didn’t finish it. The body and chassis are in marvelous condition, particularly the body, which is very, very straight and very, very rust-free. No dents in the roof or anything, either, but there is a minor “wave” in the right-front panel between the hood and fender. If you’ve dealt with soggy sheet metal or looked at other rusted candidates, you’ll be amazed at the condition of this body.

The original engine is long gone. Under the hood right now is a 1960s-vintage Chevrolet 154-cubic-inch 4-cyl. engine (with a 1-bbl. carb) that was used in some Chevy IIs and even, apparently, some mail Jeeps. It’s basically the old Chevy straight six with two fewer cylinders. It starts right up, idles and runs well. The transmission is a three-on-tree manual. I drove the Willys this past summer. It runs, drives and stops fine, which makes it a lot easier for shipping. The 15-inch tires are in good shape, too.

The interior is pretty complete, but it comes only with a bare frame for the rear seat. The previous owner did the headliner in wood strips and it looks pretty good. There are boxes and boxes of trim parts to be reinstalled, including the front and rear bumpers, headlamps and trim, etc. Just about everything to put it back together, as far as we can tell. Despite the need for that, it’s pretty much ready for paint.

The door glass is currently out of the vehicle and one of the panes is cracked, but all of the glass and the vent window framework is included. There are some reference materials that will go with the vehicle, too. My friend will make provisions to seal off the window openings for shipping.

The Willys is stored indoors and if you know anyone in the Seattle area who could do a personal inspection, my friend even has a lift at his home to show off the underside. It’s a very honest vehicle and a great basis for a project. Yes, it needs to be shipped from Seattle, but the rust-free condition more than makes up for that.

I’m happy to answer further questions about it or put you directly in contact with my friend. He’s asking $5,950. Email, call or text me.”



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