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1963 Wagon Portland, OR $40,000

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UPDATE: Some custom paint, a price bump and it’s back.

(05/26/2016) When the average wagon just won’t do ….

“1963 willy interior.wiring.paint.custum steel tilt front clip.70 4 x4sub frame. Trade for early mustang 2 t 2 or restored 58 Cadillac , or 40k .”



Older Pics:

1963-wagon-vancouver-wa2 1963-wagon-vancouver-wa4


12 Comments on “1963 Wagon Portland, OR $40,000

  1. CraigInPA

    The block of wood holding it from rolling down the hill is a nice touch. I wonder if it’s included in the price?

    Lots of custom sheet metal here. Undoubtedly, the seller thinks that adds value to the wagon. I’m not convinced it doesn’t subtract value instead.

  2. Pascal Lavoie

    Hum….Strange. I guess the hood should tilt over with the fenders. Strange mods.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dan,

    I haven’t seen this listed for sale recently, so I don’t have any contact info for the seller. I’ve updated the post. If I see it listed on Craigslist again I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  4. Blaine

    Who/what is that hiding behind that handlebar mustache? It’s a Jeep! Portland is in Oregon. It’s deceiving posting it in Seattle.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    This was originally listed in Vancouver. It was most recently listed in Portland. I switched the city, but not the state. 🙂

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