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1954 CJ-3B Portage, WI $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/18/2017) “1954 Willys Jeep in all original condition except for the paint job, which is his favorite color. This is my grandpas Jeep and he has owned it for 30+ years. Used primarily for getting some popcorn from the popcorn stand on sundays and taking a drive through town at about 25 mph. Also used for a parade each year as well. He has the original jump seat for the back and the original complete top for it as well. I believe it is a soft top.

He told me it has 11,000 miles on it. I thought it was more like 16,000, but I could be wrong… So it’s either around 11,000, but no more 16,000… And again, all original. Has been well kept and well maintained over the years. However, I don’t think he’s driven it for a few years now due to it getting a little difficult to get in and out of, so it may need to be freshened up a little bit. Always use to start as soon and as quick as you could push the button and always purred like a kitten. Feel free to contact me with questions and or offers and I will pass them on to my grandpa and communicate back to you that way.”

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12 Comments on “1954 CJ-3B Portage, WI $10,500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Great news! We can’t wait to see “youse” 😀
    Safe travels… the weather is incredible right now, so don’t be bringing any of that NW gray/wet/cold stuff with you 😉

  2. David Eilers Post author

    DISCLAIMER: The aforementioned travelers shall not be held responsible if any poor weather coincidentally accompanies them anywhere they go!!! This includes, but is not limited to, rain, sleet, mist, fog, snow, hail, freezing rain, clouds, hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, thunder, lightening, marine pushes, toppled trees, plagues of locusts, cats and dogs falling from the sky, or any acts of deities, which in this case include, but are not limited to, God, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Jehovah, Elohim (aka Heavenly Father) Shangdi, Bhagavad, or the weather god of Nerik.

  3. Colin Peabody

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Jesse’s. Saw him last Sunday and he and Andrea are both looking good and ready for the Roundup.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I studied law online before I wrote the disclaimer. What could possibly go wrong with me being my own lawyer???? 🙂

  5. Joe in Mesa

    I dunno, Dave: I keep trying my hand at being my own mechanic, and if the pools of various liquids under my jeep are any indication… it might be wise to turn some things over to professionals!

  6. Alaska Paul

    Wow, a visit to Phoenix sounds pretty good right now. This morning the temperature was 5 below zero (F) but it’s warmed up to 15 above by lunchtime. We should be getting daytime temperatures in the 30’s by April … anyway have fun in the sun and take lots of photos.

  7. David Eilers Post author


    Could you please turn on your space heaters now? Hopefully, it will be warm by the time we arrive in August!!

    – Dave

  8. Alaska Paul

    Dave, I’ll do my best to make sure you’ll have good weather for your trip north but warmer temperatures mean more mosquitoes so you might want to leave your mankini home this time.

  9. Alaska Paul

    Dave, you might not realize fall in Alaska begins in August and that’s when trees start to shed their leaves.
    I hope you don’t leaf something important behind which might cause you problems with the Canadian Border Patrol Agents due to your Nothing To Hide/Full Disclosure Mankini driving attire. Hang in there.

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