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Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office Jeep Posse

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A little something to read from five years ago …

Originally published October 31, 2012: I stumbled across some Flickr Images of the Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office Jeep Posse. I searched for a website for the group, but could only find a Sheriff site.

Here are a few images from Flickr. 


In February, 1952, Popular Science published a short article about this Jeep Posse.  Note the Slat Grille MB.

Here’s a better picture of the Slat Grille from the book Clark County, By Crystal R. Van Dee, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas.


29 Comments on “Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office Jeep Posse

  1. William Smith

    The Clark county sheriff’s was around from 1952 till 1986 when the Las Vegas Metropolitan police office basically disbanded the unit in 1986 because they wanted all the control. I was a member from 1976 till 1986. Over those years we averaged 250 to 300 rescues a year. I might have more current picturesomewhere. We were also involved in the MGM fire and the Las vegas Hilton.
    The name was changed from Clark county sheriff’s Jeep Posse to the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue in 1980.

  2. Cindy Larkin

    My Dad was part of the Sheriff’s Jeep Posse for years. He also painted & detailed the members jeeps with the extra equipment to make the search a success. They also hosted many of the Days of the Helldordo, held at that time at Cushman Feild. As a child growing up in Las vegas, the Sheriff’s Jeep Posse would have many training classes on the weekends as well,which allowed me to learn about survival skills and many other things. It was a great time back then. Mr Clark, that owned Clarks Inn on Fremont Street was part of the Posse as while. He and my Dad were very good friends. It was a shame that he was killed by a Las Vegas garbage truck driver. They did a great service for our community and state. Our 1953 Willy Jeep was so cool! Our family named her, Betsy. My Dad had a couple of other jeeps over the years too. Thanks for the memories. My Dad’s name, by the way was “Ken” Kenneth Larkin Sr.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Cindy, thanks so much for your note. It’s always great to learn about people’s stories 🙂

    – Dave

  4. bill hutfilz

    My dad was also in the Jeep Posse for us kids it was a great time like cindy said orvie Clark would put all the stuff on the jeeps and they painted them in his garage off of bruce street. Us kids would hit the pool we pent alot of time at the club house and at helldorado at the old cashman field where they parked cars. we spen many a weekend driving all over the back parts of clark county and lots of time in lee canyon camping my da did 30 years with the Jeep Posse his name was bill Hutfilz would be great to hook up with some jeep posse kids. i am on facebook


  5. David Eilers

    Hi Robert,

    I don’t remember running across his name. How long was he a part of the Jeep Posse? Do you know the approximate years?


    – Dave

  6. Ismael Acosta

    Hello, I was rescued at Red Rock on December 9th 1984. I was told that they learned a lot from that rescue. My wife is one of the Jeep Posse kids. Her dad
    is Thomas Davies and he was the treasurer . I never had a chance to thank my rescuers , except Larry
    from Larry’s Great Western Meats.

  7. Robert werly

    Did anybody know Jack Albright is a 15-year veteran renew doctor Dennis hi Cameron you might be a lot of good times on the on the Jeep Posse

  8. Lonnie Richards

    My Grand father “L. Dean Richards” Worked for the Jeep Posse. He knew Jack Albright. As a kid we would have Halloween and Christmas party’s at the JP club house.

  9. Robert werly

    I knew Larry Hughes from Great Western meats I knew a lot of the search and rescue Personnel team me and Jack Albright he was a 25-year veteran we used to go and work the mint 400 for a lot of years I remember one day I got to ride in a police helicopter in front Phil the pilot said not to touch the control we all flew to Red Rock Canyon and they propelled off the helicopter on to Red Rock Canyon for training exercises I thought that was awesome

  10. Dr Hirsh

    Did anyone know Dr. Jack Hirsh, this is so awesome to see I am his grandson and am also a physician working now with Red Rock search and Rescue.

  11. David Eilers

    Dr. Hirsh,

    I’m glad you were excited to see this. That’s exactly why I post info like this, because you just never know when someone related to these jeep pioneers will find it 🙂 … I have not personally run across the name Hirsh, but will keep it in mind.

    – Dave

  12. Maryetta Bowman

    Prior to 1970’s what was the name of the Deputy that used to run the search & rescue and maybe Jeep posse.
    Something like “Wally” comes to mind.
    I was CCSO deputy Maryetta Frassa. Now Bowman, hired on 1963 for Sheriff Lamb, first girl w/CCSO to go thru a police Academy in Nevada, 2 female juvenile officers from the LVPD went thru the Academy with me. March 1967.

  13. Lionel R Hall

    My dad was Roy Hall. We grew up with the Jeep Posse. I remember practicing repelling at Red Rock and helping out at the Score 250 and Mint 400. I have some pics if you would like. Thanks for sharing your information.

  14. Rick Krueger

    I am trying to pull some info together on the group for the Off-road Motorsport Hall Of Fame. Like some of you, I was introduced to the group from off road racing. We were friends with Gary Lowes and Dean Richards. I would appreciate any comments, stories , information and additional names anyone has from the 70s and their involvement with off road racing.

  15. Bill Hutfilz

    Marietta you’re probably thinking about Walter Butts.

    Plus I have my dads badges to me they are priceless.

  16. Garre Mathis

    My dad was Guy D Mathis Sr. He was treasurer for many years. I will look through my dads stuff. We have many pictures of the Sheriffs mounted Posse and the Sheriffs jeep posse. Lot of names. Bud and Ellen Albright Jack and Kenny. Bob and Bunny Harris. Don and Lawana Henry. and many more.

  17. Cindy Larkin Phelps

    Garre Mathis
    i would live to see what ever pictures you have. please try to post them. Everyone would love seeing them.

  18. John Lowes

    Rhona, I knew Dr Campton. my dad was in thr jeep posse and also involved with off road racing. I was young but spendt many hours with the guys on training exercises and out in the field at races.

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