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1946 Berkey Aux Fire Dept Testimonial

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This testimonial included a detailed list of fire jeep specs. 
1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept2 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept3 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept4 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept5 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept6

1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept7 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept8 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept9 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept10



2 Comments on “1946 Berkey Aux Fire Dept Testimonial

  1. Derek Redmond

    I’m glad you found this, Dave. It confirms the correct 1946 date of the Berkey demonstration, which I had previously guessed was 1947. The photo of the industrial plant was taken at the Parkway Jeep plant in Toledo, and it probably was 1947. There are more details and photos of both of these demonstrations on the “CJ-2A Fire Engine History” page at

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