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1952 M-38CDN Ford Carefree, AZ $15,500

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Looks to be in good shape.

“1952 Jeep Willy, This jeep is only 1 of the 500 that were allowed to be made in Canada.”

1952-m38-carefree-az7 1952-m38-carefree-az8 1952-m38-carefree-az9


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  1. Lyle Watkins

    “Even after the war, Ford of Canada filled a large order of military Jeeps. Production took place in late 1951 through 1955. Built under license from Willys, they were known as M-38 Ford trucks. During 1952, a total of 2,438 were made. (2,135 plus 303 M-38A1 CDN; see Brian note below)
    In 1953 Willys-Overland was purchased by Kaiser. Also that year some styling changes were made. The new Jeeps looked a bit more rounded, and the model designation was changed to M-38-A1. Of interest in those pre Auto Pact days was the fact that these postwar Canadian-made Jeep were shipped to the United States, for the American military forces. ”
    From: “Exclusive & Exciting Cars & Trucks Built by Ford of Canada”

    Upon receipt, the Canadian Army stamped a CAR number on top of left front frame rail near front bumper (Canadian Army Registration): 51–3xxxx but mostly 52-3xxxx.

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