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1974 XM-408? 6×6 Portola Valley, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5000.

This one has a strange story. I don’t know if it is an XM-408 or not, but I did run across a manual for a 6×6 Mutt on eBay (see bottom).

“Bought the Mutt a military vehicle auction. Took it to shop to get running. They removed the engine and claimed it was stolen. So it has not engine and possibly other thinks missing. It was a ambulance in a past life. Unknown who put the 6 wheels on. Could have been the collector or it could have been a test vehicle in the US or Israeli army. I wanted to get it up and running to drive around on some property. It is not street legal. It would be fun to have hauling people around a farm or ranch. Takes a flat head ford army jeep engine.”



There’s also a reproduction manual for the M-151 6×6 on eBay:

View all the information on eBay



5 Comments on “1974 XM-408? 6×6 Portola Valley, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Lew

    After reading about this kind of “loss”, Im starting to realize its time to start asking shops we use if they have insurance against theft so they know we arent going to roll over if important parts disappear. If they think we’ll go after them for a loss maybe they’ll take better care of our equipment.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi William,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any current information for this seller. I’ve updated the post. If I see this vehicle relisted on Craigslist I will send you an email.

    – Dave

  3. Paul Orozco

    I did track down, locate and purchase the 6×6 manual you referenced. If anyone wants the sellers info, I can forward.

    Btw- I did buy a 1972 US Army Experimental Jeep XM-408A2 in Texas with some history. I will be starting on a restoration project sometime soon.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    That’s great Paul. Thanks for sharing that info. Good luck on the rebuild.

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