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Charles’ Antenna Question

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Speaking of Charles, he was wondering if anyone knows if this was used during WWII? It’s marked MP57. He believes it was based on his research, but was hoping for some confirmation.

SL377060 SL377106 SL377107


5 Comments on “Charles’ Antenna Question

  1. Steve bartkowski

    This antenna base was used with am sets in ww2&koera such as scr 506 scr 284 ect REGArds

  2. charles

    hi – wish to thank you all for info – to barry –indeed this is a unique piece found in belgium -perhaps you are aware the us(to whom we own our freedom and are still today gratefull and honour them in december) played a major role in our country and most famous the battle of the bulge- visiting malmedy wich played a key role – i had the pleasure to meet an former us mp ) — i cleaned it up -porcelain in excellent condition -all antennes incl -no cracs -but unfortunally i have to sell it because i have a later version on my willys and this one does not match — i drive a cj3a -1952 ex belgian army

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