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1971 CJ-5 American Fork, UT $1500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1500.

(09/13/2017) This has some useable parts, may have the 30 spline offset axle, and definitely has a Warn OD. The front of the frame may have a twist.

“1971 jeep. The motor is a small block 350. The transmission and transfer case were totally gone through by six states. All seals, gears, bearings, angers have been replaced with new ones. $1000 was put into it having it rebuilt. The engine has 125lbs of compression on all eight cylinders. It has a new starter It has a brand new aluminum radiator. Need to get rid of it, I just don’t have a need for it anymore and not enough time to work on it. A leaf spring is broken. And some bolts have snapped that hold on the leaf spring to the frame. I tried to show this in the pictures. It was like this when I bought it. Some rust here and there as well. Almost everything that is black I recently powder coated.”

1971-cj5-ut9 1971-cj5-ut7 1971-cj5-ut8


3 Comments on “1971 CJ-5 American Fork, UT $1500

  1. Barry West

    Not a 350 SBC, Appears to be a 283 or early 327 SBC. Looks like the left front axle took a direct hit too. I don’t about this one. Looks like it just a few mishaps.

  2. Barry West

    Lew, since this was first posted he has added a better description. He states a leaf spring is broken and bolts that hold the leaf spring to the frame have been snapped off. Although he doesn’t state it’s the left front system. Oh well! I thought it had took a hit on the left front axle. Maybe had some stump jumping going on. Or maybe just a rusted out frame. Seems no one has jumped on it.

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