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More Pics From Charles

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Here are some more random pics from Charles!

7th army-sicily-1943

medic - rome 384903298-foto-battle-of-the-bulge

waco glider


south pacific ww2 koln - 1945 us-mp rome - italy - 1944 remagen-germany 1945 hotchkiss


postcard medic


6 Comments on “More Pics From Charles

  1. van remoortere

    hi bob always a pleasure to search for these old pictures – for your info the 3 rd is an original of the famous battle of the bulge – especially ‘hurtenwald’ where many fox holes are still in place today –best greetz from belgium

  2. Dave

    That 3rd shot is great. My dad was there in that mess. Artillery. Love pics from that time. Makes me think of my dad. 10 years gone.

  3. van remoortere

    hi too DAVE – the belgian people are still today gratefull to the us soldiers who fought during the battle of the bulge for our freedom – in bastogne there is a very large memorial to honor the fallen men – ths + greetz from belfium

  4. Tim

    In the pictures with the prisoners at gun point, check out the jeep’s body extension. I wonder if that is factory or a field mod? Looks pretty well done for a field mod. I have never seen anything like that on a military jeep, reminds me of the drop baskets for the back of a 4wheeler.

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