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eWillys Ad in Kaiser Willys Catalog

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It’s rewarding to hear how many folks enjoy eWillys with their morning cup of coffee. When Kaiser Willys invited me to send them an ad for next year’s catalog, I decided on this one. It’s part ad and part tribute to all who read, support, and enjoy the site. Thanks go to Roberto Flores for the eWillys bear.



17 Comments on “eWillys Ad in Kaiser Willys Catalog

  1. Matt

    This is cool! Looks great Dave!.. Is there a clothing line in the future?

    Side note: My jeep made the 2018 calendar at KW.. (March) the MB/CJ calendar

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Congratulations, Dave, it’s official. With this branding of your website you are now a media mogul.

  3. Barry West

    Cool. I would bearly get by without my daily dose of ewillys anytime of the day. Things would get grizzly without it. Keep up the good work Dave I really enjoy the site.

  4. Tim

    I love “clawing” my way through the postings every morning. This is unbearavable! Way to go turning a passion/sickness into so much more!

  5. Marty Tilford

    Way to go 🙂 Just one more spot your ewillys bear gets to be. I know of 2 other places way up north that will be there for a long time. Kinda frozen in time if you know what I mean 🙂

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks! You all are Pun-tastic readers!

    My experience with clothes is that it is a marketing expense rather than a profit center, but I’ll do another line of new shirts at some point.

  7. Steve

    eWillys is a great way to start your day……Put me in for a t-shirt 2XL Just let me know the $. I look at all the great projects for sale then I open my garage door and think maybe one is enough. 😉
    Dave have a great day.

  8. Colin Peabody

    Did you edit out the “throne” the bear must have been sitting on??? Great ad Dave! You have hit the big time!

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