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1968 Jeepster Comparison Booklet on eBay

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This publication was designed to teach the sales force and dealers about the new Jeepster Commando and Jeepster Convertible. Looks interesting.

“This is a vintage 1968 Jeepster Comparison Data Brochure, measuring approximately 5.75×8.5” and is 20 pages long. It is an original piece of literature from Kaiser Jeep not a reprint and is in very good to excellent condition. Dated April 1968. Carefully stored since new, minimal handling, center staples tight, clean with no smudges, tears or folds. “7-68″ written lightly in pencil on bottom left of back cover. Contents include b&w photos, competitive vehicle comparisons, exterior and interior comparisons, general appearance, engines, frames, electrical, suspension, drive line, body, safety features, etc. Models covered include the 1968 Jeepster Convertible and Commando.”

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3 Comments on “1968 Jeepster Comparison Booklet on eBay

  1. Doug in Ohio

    I agree Dave very understanding is that the Scout and Bronco were developed to compete with sales of the CJ5,and yet here Kaiser Jeep is using the Jeepster and Commando to try to get sales from Bronco or Scout buyers.any marketing tool to get more sales!

  2. SteveK

    I drove a Scout for a few years late 60s doing emergency roadside service work, and it was NOT comparative to a Jeep by any stretch of the imagination. A real rattle trap and rust bucket. Probably why they are very rare to see today. Broncos are bringing in BIG BUCKS these days when in excellent condition.

  3. jimmmmmmm

    Have y’all seen the prices of Scouts on Ebay recently? Along with first gen Broncos, Land Cruisers and CJ5s and 7s, Scout prices have shot through the roof. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Commando and Jeepster prices shoot up too.

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