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1945 CJ-2A Memorial Press Brochure

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I thought I had a good chance to win this one on eBay, but it slipped away at the last second buy a second bidder. Anyway, it’s a souvenir program of the first national press event for the CJ-2A. Here are some photos.

1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program0 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program1 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program2

1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program3 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program4 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program5 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program6 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program8 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program9 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program10



4 Comments on “1945 CJ-2A Memorial Press Brochure

  1. Ted Jordan

    Damn Dave , that’s like the big one that got away for sure. I’ve got tons of brochures and have never seen that one. I’ll keep my eyes open for another copy

  2. Bill Norris

    I would assume only 500 were printed give or take. That’s how many businessmen, government officials and press that RSVPed to the invitation and showed up for ‘Jeep Day.’


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