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1950 Photo of Troops in Taejon, Korea on eBay

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This was taken a month into the war.

“1950 Press Photo American Troops in jeep with 50 Caliber Gun in Taejon, Korea. This is an original press photo. American troops take a rough Caliber as they advance in jeep armed with 50 caliber machine gun. Communist troops were reported smashing into and around Taejon as battle action see a wed on the Western Korean Front Photo measures 7.25 x 9.25 inches. Photo is dated 07-20-1950.”

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3 Comments on “1950 Photo of Troops in Taejon, Korea on eBay

  1. John Heiskell

    If the gunner touched that .50 off the guy on the right of him would be ducking like a toad in a hail storm when those empties came out !

  2. JW

    Spent cases eject from the bottom of an M2, and links just drop out of the side. The guy on the right has nothing to worry about except the communists.

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