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1952 M-38 Champaign, IL $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

(11/03/2017) It will need some work.


Clean title in hand. VIN# (serial #) on title matches original badges. I also have the “arctic” package for this jeep, which includes the hardtop and full doors. Jeep is a 3 speed manual and has the PTO unit (to the rear). Sears Roebuck lockout hubs. The engine is an F-134 “Hurricane” (as I’ve determined from the identification numbers on the block). I was told the jeep had been issued to Minot AFB in North Dakota. As I am told, I am the 3rd titled owner from the US Military. After being sold publicly, this jeep ended up on a farm in Minnesota. I also have a copy of the original technical order (manual) as issued by the US Military. The frame appears to only have surface rust and is not compromised. The jeep runs and start on the first turn! It has been updated to a 12-volt system.

The bad:
Jeep has been painted 4 times (original drab to blue to orange back to drab). PTO is missing some parts. There is some damage to the driver’s side fender flare and the top left corner of the hardtop. There is a fiberglass patch on the driver’s side body area. The front floor pan needs replaced (Kaisers Willys has it for this jeep for about $600). The hood has been fabricated to fit the air breather of the engine. I’ve been told the motor can be slightly lowered, or a new breather put on, in order to fit better (I planned to do so then weld a patch into the hood, grind it down and repaint it – but to each their own). The carburetor needs adjusted slightly.

The ugly:
My jeep needs some TLC however it appears to be caught in the middle between a needed full restoration or a partial restoration. It would depend on what the owner is looking to do. I planned to replace the front floor pan only and enjoy it in its current glory, but someone may want to do a body of restoration. The tire tread is good, but the sidewalls have some dry rot. The rims appear to be rattle canned, but that can be stripped pretty easy.

“I’m pretty much an open book with this jeep, so if you have any questions – please ask. Jeep is sold as-is.


4 Comments on “1952 M-38 Champaign, IL $4000

  1. Alaska Paul

    The cold weather mods originally installed on my M38 included the aluminum hardtop and doors, the vertical mount windshield, a gas fired Southwind heater mounted on the cowl in front of the driver (in a metal box) with the exhaust tube parallel to the left windshield post, the interior heater ducts along the base of the windshield and on the dash to direct heat to the floor, a manual fuel primer ported to the intake manifold (also on the dash) along with a small heater control box mounted on the inner surface of the left side windshield frame. In addition to these items each battery box had a heat exchanger at the bottom connected to the engine cooling system to keep the batteries warm and another gas fired heater (connected to the cooling system) mounted in the passenger footwell area (a plate covers this opening if the engine heater isn’t installed) to keep the engine and batteries warm while the Jeep is parked in very cold weather. Small brackets were attached to the grille and hood to allow the use of insulated covers to help hold the heat in the engine compartment. I can’t remember any other items my M38 had for cold weather operation, hope this answers your question.

  2. Bill f

    The jeep also appears to have part of the ramsey 50 winch mount still on it. The L plates that are behind the bumper. I wonder if it has a 105a pto

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