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Buick 225 Block & Parts Jacksonville, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE :**SOLD** Was $225.

“Selling Dauntless 225 engine block and several parts. I have refurbished the valve covers to include original paint and “Dauntless” jeep decals. I have oil pan that is dented but can be repaired and reused as well as original heavy fly-wheel. I have a few other parts not shown and your welcome to them. Also included is 2 and a partial 3rd cans of green original match paint used on the valve covers.

This is a great V6 block that can be rebuilt to be odd-fire as it was originally or even-fire and makes a great engine in smaller jeep projects. I will accept cash only and am willing to negotiate delivery locally.”

buick-225-v6-jacksonville-fl1 buick-225-v6-jacksonville-fl


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